Summer Internship//Sarah

For the month of July to August, I started a summer internship at M-iti.

For my thesis I will be doing an AR app with a comic book/graphic novel to support it, so in this internship I started to learn Unity and Vuforia because these are the tools I will be then using for my final thesis. Before choosing Vuforia, I had considered other platforms, but after doing a comparison between them all, Vuforia was the platform that offered me more creative freedom in the whole process, from creation to that actual interface.

I learned how to create basic AR apps on Unity and Vuforia, through various tutorials. Before starting on a personal project, I followed various tutorials and created from interactive books to simple image pop ups.

My final project of the internship was an AR app that included 3D models, buttons and sound on an Android phone, simulating what I will then use on the final project.



August 2018