Visit to SPAD

Today, me, Tânia and Tiago went to visit SPAD.

SPAD is a non profitable private institution where most of its money come from donors. 

Their main objective is to fight for animal rights and animal welfare, basing of the Universal Rights of Animals and all acting laws. When they have the space and means, they bring in abandoned animals, giving them assistance, when they are sick and promotes ways to sensibilize people how to care and love your animal. They also solicit and act with competent entities of adoption associations to prevent and conden cruelty to animals.

When we arrived, we went in the main headquarters, where there is the reception and also a toy store for pets, and everything appears clean and modern.

For newcomer, finding where the animals for adoptions are is a bit hard, there in no indication of such event, but we could definitely hear them.

In the farther side of the place we found the door to the kennel, and very close to these, the temporary animals that are just there for a little stay, while their owners are out.

When we went inside, we first saw the cats, more precisely one cat that was alone, and some dog heads popping out of their cage barking for our attention.

There was this big cage with a lot of cats inside, all hanging out together with a big space for them to run around freely and plenty of beds and food for them all. The dogs cages however, were almost always packed, with a minimum of 2 dogs up to 4 or even 5 dogs in a cage.

There were the dogs that craved for attention and wouldn’t let go of your hand and then there was dogs that would hide in the back of their cages, afraid and shivering.

In the dog’s cages, many times their food was all spread out and the water bowl had nothing inside but urine.

At this time, there was a lady cleaning all the cages, Her process is, open the cage, put the dogs in a big carrier, clean the newspaper, spray the cage with water, put back some new newspaper and pass the dogs back into the cage. She even told us that one of the cages there had 3 siblings and a foster mother to them all.

We also spotted dogs that where sponsored, we knew this because the outside of their kennel was advertised as such. There were 3 in total, this may seem a few, but to the dogs i’m sure it makes all the difference.


12th October