Animal Welfare Mindmap

Last week we had a meeting with our main thesis teachers, where we presented a Mindmap to expose categorally the problems/issues related to the animal welfare having in consideration what we have found now with the results of the questionnaires we have made to the general public but also to the NGO’s.

We came out with 6 main categories as main issues:




-sterilization and castration



As we can see some of the main categories could be branched in more subcategories, like the case of the Abandonment where we found the questions “who”, “how” and “why”. Also in Uneducated category to find a more concise definition of who are these “uneducated people” we branched the category in 4 main subcategories: “older people”, “owners”, “non-owners” and “people afraid of animals”.

We found several connections between the issues we pointed out. For example, considering the answers we’ve received from people, one of the reasons for abandonment is “no money for bills” and “dog has puppies” what is also connected with the “Sterelization and castration” expensive costs. The Abandonment category is also connected with Kennels because the consequence of one helps the increase of the problems of the second as the fact of it being over-populated and so on.

For more information, you can check it all in our Mindmap below.

Animal Welfare mindmap