Comic Prototypes

I have started to develop what will be my final graphical art style so that when the stories are fully developed and completed I can start with the graphical side.

Because the comic will be interactive, where the user will choose what path they want to follow I had to decide how the readers would follow the story line they chose.

At first I went to research examples of choose your own path comics to see how these artists let the reader go their own path without any difficulties and complexity so that the unfolding of the story is not compromised. I found 3 very good examples:

Image result for adventure time comic choose your own pathAdventure Time  “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Time” #10 by  Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, and Braden Lamb

Image result for adventure time comic choose your own pathMeanwhile by Jason Shiga

Image result for unwritten choose your path comicUnwritten #17 by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Of the three, only the last one uses numbers instead of arrows. I ended up choosing the arrows because of my target audience (11+ years old) and because visually it’s easier to follow the path to the desired storyline.

Here is my first prototype:

After printing out I could see that the arrows and all the colours could possibly be too confusing for the reader to follow along the lines. So I tried to re-arrange the panels so that the paths wouldn’t intersect and create a visual mess that could lead to frustration to the readers.