Project Pitch to the Sense & Tell (M-ITI) Group

  • 21 January 2019

We have joined the group Sense and Tell from M-ITI ( ) as interns. The group mission is to make sense of complex data through storytelling and interactive media and they are developing different projects in this area.

So on 21 of January, we had our first meeting with the group, where we had to pitch our project to the remain members.

For us this was an important milestone for the work we had up to date, since it was the first time we had the opportunity to present and publicly explain the whole project from the beginning to the point where we were (storyboard, story ideation and technology) . This was the opportunity to test if things would make as much sense to us as to those who still did not know nothing about the project. In addition, as Sense and Tell is a group already experienced in the area of storytelling and interaction media we expected to hear constructive criticism that could help us in some way to improve or complement the choices we had made.

We managed to make a straight and clear presentation that left the audience without questions about our goals and choices and the whole project concept, which revealed that we made it clear to the audience and for us it meant we were following the right path.

We have now news goals to achieve in February:

Sarah has to finish the stories and decide the final branching narrative course and decide the AR technical aspects and what it will do; and,

I need to make decisions about what I really think it’s crutial to have in the documentary, make contacts and start collecting all the footage.

Pitch at Sense and Tell meeting