The Transmedia World

Our next step was to  make some decisions about what media our projects will use and the target audiences.  So we came up with the following infographic where it’s possible to see what are the medias used in each project and its target audience.

Transmedia World of Animal Welfare Project

Sarah will be working with AR (Augmented Reality) that goes together with an interactive comic book and I will be working wiith VR (Virtual Reality).  Each project will be targeting different audiences which the age gap isn’t that big so that hopefully the Tween can look up for more information and get to my 360º Documentary if they ever want to see some addictional information and vice versa.

Also our Transmedia World has a great advantage for us. It gives us the opportunity to add smaller and different projects in the future, using other types of media that could enrich the narrative world and complement each other.