Volunteering At Pingo Doce For AAC

Volunteering At Pingo Doce For Ajuda a Alimentar  Cães

Saturday at 9 a.m we went to Forum Madeira as volunteers for AAC. The job was to pass out flyers at the supermarket door so that the people who wanted could help by giving some type of contribution.

At first we thought it would be hard to fill one car, because the people wouldn’t even take a flyer, some just passed by us like they didn’t see us. But with time we managed to fill not only one car but six!

From the time we were there (from 9 a.m to 1 p.m) the people that contributed mostly were people from the ages of 30 to 60. There were these two types of people, the ones that passed through us not even responding to out “Good Morning” and then the ones that would stop and ask what it was for and what they should buy.

But all in all we were surprised by the ammount of donations that people made. Some even gave us entire shopping cars with food for cats and dogs, others helped with what they could.

We would like to thank the people that contributed. Thank you very much, your help makes a difference!


Saturday, 2nd March 2019